Hey translator…

Would you like to know a surefire way to never again have to deal with the much-dreaded feast or famine cycle?

Translation is a great profession, but lately, due to Covid, things have dried up a little bit, haven't they? No problem. You are just a step away from taking your career to new heights by developing a set of powerful recession-proof writing skills that will boost your income so that you are never again short of clients. 


By using the knowledge you already have and branching out into content writing.


Because translation is a type of content. If you can translate it, it’s because someone wrote it first. If you are a specialist in a niche, then you can both write and translate for that niche.

  • If you are, for example, a medical translator who specialises in this niche through your academic background or previous working experience, you can not only translate for medical clients, you can also write popular medical articles.
  • If you’ve got a knack for finances, know how to budget well and understand financial terms, you don’t have to limit yourself to financial translations only, you can write content for bank blogs too.
  • No matter what your hobbies or interests are, no matter what your specialties or the experience you’ve acquired from your academic or professional background is, there are several companies in the world that sell products or services in that space and are in need of great content.
  • 8 out of 10 companies have blogs today and they are very content hungry.

The writing opportunities are simply limitless! 

As translators, we already have 50% of the required skills to ace content writing.
Let me show you now what the other 50% consists of.

In Content Writing For Translators you'll learn how to:

1) Nail down your writing niche so that you can attract clients you’d love to work with. My 18-point questionnaire will help you find your true (writing) calling. 

2) Find out what your readers want to read about so that your articles always make it to Google’s Top 10. It is not just about writing SEO-enabled articles, it’s also about knowing what to write in the first place. 

3) Find high-paying clients that can pay from USD 0.20 to 0.50 per word (sometimes more, sometimes on delivery too!)

4) Create mouth-watering content strategies for unlimited content ideas that leave your clients salivating in anticipation for your work.

5) Write the exact plug-and-play” pitches so you can start pitching clients right away.  

Here's what's inside:

Module 1: Gaining clarity on your niche

Discover how to gain clarity on your niche with my 18-point questionnaire, research lucrative markets and re-slant your topics to fit several niches so that you can align your interests with profitable markets and become an irresistible content machine.

Module 2: Writing your article

This is where we talk about the nitty gritty details of your article: all the how-tos, from how to write an article to headlines, blog post formats, SEO, sourcing photos, article ideas, types of writing you can do and all the ways you can jump start your freelance writing career and practise your writing.

Module 3: Finding those lucrative clients

Learn all the ways you can find great clients (with contact details and e-mail addresses) so that you can secure different streams of writing income.

Module 4: Pitching your favourite brands

Gain clarity on your pricing and pitching habits, learn what makes a great pitch and how to write one (you’ll know exactly what to put in a pitch so that clients are actually excited to read it!), what are customer journeys and how you can wow clients with your mouth-watering content strategies.

You also get 3 bonus resources:

·      20 mistakes freelance writers make in their first year of writing and how to fix them

·      Collaboration agreement (very important to have this in place)

·      11 blogs to write for in the translation industry – for money (why don't you write about the experience you already have as a translator and make MONEY?)

200+ translators have already joined and the great reviews keep coming in...

If you want more details, why not check out the curriculum below...

Here's what Ariadna says...

"If you're thinking about adding content writing to your list of services, you should definitely check out this wonderful course. It is one of the most resourceful online courses I've ever taken. Not only is it constructive and easy to follow, but it will also give you tons of resources to start your writing career. Thank you Natali for this amazing course! I felt most identified with your statement: "all translators are writers at heart."

Ariadna Tagliorette, Women's health translator ES <> EN

Course Curriculum

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“Getting so much out of the content writing course by the talented Natali Lekka. It's aimed at traslators but it's really suitable for anyone looking to add another string to their bow”

Helen Barlow, FR/ES/PT/IT into EN

"Content Writing For Translators - I can't recommend enough this course by Natali Lekka. Short, sweet and to the point, it is full of practical tips, inspiration, templates and resources."

Sabrina Sbaccanti, Interpreter & Translator - Italian, English, Portuguese, Chinese

"I finally had a chance to go through the course. It's super niched down and a great resource for any translator looking to diversify. I can't recommend it enough. Great work Natali!"

Anica Kuzmanovska, English to Macedonian Translator

200+ translators have already joined and the great reviews keep coming in!

So, why do translators like "Content Writing For Translators" so much?

  • My 'niching down' method works for both writers and translators
  • My client acquisition methods can be applied to acquire both translation and writing clients
  • The tips and tricks I teach you about writing can be applied to transcreation tasks as well.
  • The tips I give you about your pitches can be used for translation clients as well.

At this price, if you implement everything I teach in this course, you just need to write ONE article only to pay for this course!!!

Ariana V. Loker
Audiovisual Translator @ Talkbox Subtitling Studio

That's all fine but why should you listen to me anyway?

Well, hello! My name is Natali, thank you for asking 😊 

I am a UK-based English into Greek freelance translator from Athens, Greece. I am also a language geek who speaks French, Italian, Spanish and a tiny bit of German. I've been a full-time freelance translator for 12 years and a writer for 9. I’ve written content for several international brands, agencies, websites, print publications and in-flight magazines (my favourite reading pastime on that super long-haul flight…)  

 After creating a BETA course on content writing 2 years ago, I discovered, much to my surprise, that there was great interest from the translation community for a similar course on content writing. I haven’t been able to find one anywhere, so I decided to create one myself.

 If you’ve been longing to break into content writing, I can show you how!

Have you got questions? I've got the answers

I'm busy. How long will it take to get through the course?

I get ya. I mean, who has the time to do anything these days, right? I know how valuable your time is so I am teaching this programme step-by-step. That means there are certain steps you need to take, in a certain order, in order to benefit fully from it. Each module comes with an assignment.

Read the first module in your own time and complete the first assignment. Then, move on to the second module and do the second assignment at the end. Then move on to the next. You need to finish each action in a sequence but this can all be done in your own time and at your own pace! You do not need to submit your assignments to me - they are designed to help you take the next step in finding writing clients and they are not about right or wrong answers - unless you have a question of course about something!

You also have indefinite access to this course which means you can log in and do the course whenever you want. You can even enrol now and start it at a later date! The course will still be waiting for you!

Are there any conditions to take this course?

There are no special conditions to follow this course. The course is taught entirely in English, so it is important to be able to understand English, but it is not just for English speakers. Content writing can be done in any language you feel comfortable writing in. Are there companies in your country? Of course there are. That means they, too, are looking for great content which you can write in your own language. Moreover, 95% of my tips apply to all markets. 

You do not need to have previous knowledge of content writing, as I teach this from the beginning, but you need to have a love for writing. 

Who is teaching this course?

The course is taught by Natali Lekka (MA in Translation Studies, Warwick University), a freelance translator for 12 years and a writer for 9.

I’ve written content for several international brands, agencies, websites, print publications and in-flight magazines. I work for a number of digital content agencies, publishing houses and direct clients as a writer and have created content for brands such as Babbel, Davidoff, Reebok, Indigo Hotels, MemSource, Jet2, Qatar Airways, Air Baltic, Korean Air, Lingvist, among others.

Who is this course actually for, REALLY?

This course is for translators who want to make money writing (esp. blogging) for companies.

What you'll find in this course:

-      4 action-driven modules packed with practical tips, templates and examples.

-      4 assignments to help you take the next step from module to module

-      Examples of actual ‘plug n’ play’ pitches you can use to start receiving writing work

-      A host of online resources, including lists of companies you can contact.

-      Personal access to me via e-mail for any questions you may have.

Course objectives

By the end of this course you will have:

·      Gained clarity on your niche and found out how to research lucrative markets

·      Found out which niches are profitable and learned how to re-slant your topic to fit several markets

·      Learned how to structure good articles and what types of articles you can write for any business

·      Learned how to write for SEO, pick headlines and source photos

·      Learned how to get inside your readers’ minds and understand what they want to read

·      Found the clients you want to work with with the right contacts and e-mail addresses

·      Learned 10 more ways to find great clients and gained clarity on your pricing and pitching habits

·      Learned about the writing needs of different clients, what makes a good pitch and how to write one

·      Learned what customer journeys are and how to use them to create great content strategies

You also get 3 bonus resources:

·      20 mistakes freelance writers make in their first year of writing and how to fix them

·      Collaboration agreement (very important to have this in place)

·      11 blogs to write for in the translation industry – for money

I still have questions about this course.

Then e-mail me at [email protected], already! 😊

"This course has offered me plenty of insights into the do's and don'ts of the craft, in addition to an invaluable number of resources (such as websites and specific portals) which I can use to start working as a freelance content writer. I loved how practical it is and the amount of templates and real-life examples. It has given me a very clear idea of what I should do to be successful. I loved every single section. I loved the marketing tips, I loved the examples and templates, I loved the list of resources, I loved the way in which it is written.

This course is not just a bunch of repeated ideas without any practical side. It is quite frank with the reader, it doesn't hide anything, it talks about prices and strategies. Plus, Natali isn't afraid of showing students examples of her own pitches and articles as a benchmark, which I appreciated and valued."

Giacomo Collini, Interpreter & Translator in Italian, English and Spanish

This course is closed for enrollment.